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How to determine the dimension of a cake

Bakers often use different charts and guides to determine the dimension of a cake. Though there is not a common standard, the serving size per mould is mainly based on the slices you will manage to get. For the same volume but different types of mould, the serving size might therefore differ. There are also common terminologies that are used to determine a serving size such as party serving or wedding serving. 

Once you determine how many servings you will need for your cake based on your client requests, you can play with the chart below to figure out which moulds you will need. Normally you will need at least 2 layers for each of the selected mould to get a proper height. You can then add different size of moulds to get a multi-tier cake.


Dynamic Cake Serving Chart

Select your moulds and number of layers for each. You will get the total number of services as well as the cake dimension. Each cake layer is assumed to be around 5.5cm. 


Cake Layer height : ≈5.5cm including buttercream
Layers Servings Total
{{item.servings}} {{}}
Total Servings : {{totalServings}}
Cake Width : {{maxWidth}}inch / {{maxWidth*2.54}}cm
Cake Height : {{Math.round(cakeHeight/2.54)}}inch / {{cakeHeight}}cm

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